Torn 2

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Torn 2

“Why did you choose this life, Johnnie? What is so special about it?”

My motorcycle club. My family. Or, is it? It sure is the closest thing I have to a family. We are like brothers; we love each other a lot and would do anything to protect each other and what we have. That’s why me and Sean joined the “Brothers of Fire” in the first place. We saw something we liked; something that neither of us had: A close bond.

Life as a member is great. We party all the time, we get lots of women and we answer to no one. Cops? We don’t worry about them; they’re on our payroll.

One night, Sean gets hurt. His life hangs by a thread; I have to find help, ASAP. I stop at the first house that I come across. Susan lets us both in. I’ve never opened up to anyone before. Should I do the same with her?