Scattered: Book 2 Of 'still Breathing'

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Garland has survived as long as she has by grim determination and sheer luck...but it looks like her luck has finally dried up. A simple act of kindness has left her staring down a loaded gun.

Nathan has survived a vicious beating at the hands of a madman that wiped out most of his group. All he wants to do is protect his son, but first he has to make it out of the current mess he's in alive.

The town they found seemed like the perfect safe haven. There are food, supplies, and the few undead milling about are easily dealt with.

What could be scarier than a world where the dead wander the earth to consume the last of the living? A lot!


Maura did not take her eyes off of Morgan as she stroked him to blissful oblivion. She knew he was achingly close. She urged him on as her breathing quickened in time with his.

He lost all sense of the outside world. None of it mattered anyway. He had no real problems anymore. No more having to wear a mask; no more having to pretend to be something or someone he was not. He no longer had any real reason to worry. When society had crumbled it had taken with it a lot of things that Morgan had never needed in the first place. The remnants of that ruined world was closer to what he needed. This world was more open, far more honest; this world had room for predators like him. He wasn’t afraid of the walking dead. He had been surrounded by mindless zombies his entire life. Hollow and soulless and uncomprehending, the vast majority of people in their old world had already been walking corpses. The only real difference between the ones he faced now versus then was that they no longer had pulses.

And now there was no need to hide what he enjoyed doing. There was no more law and order to hold him back. No more having to hide in the shadows, being careful and concise. He could do as he wanted when he wanted and there was not one person around who could tell him different.

For the first time in his life, he could be himself.

He was free. He was no longer bound by the rules of a society he found lacking. He no longer had to do things he considered a complete waste of his time and energy just so he could enjoy not being confined to a small cage.

He was free to display all kinds of his creativity. Sure, so some of his dolls no longer cried out and played back with him how he liked; that was okay because there were still plenty of lively creatures out there amongst the ones that were nothing but voids. It just meant he had to look a little harder, hunt a little longer. And there was nothing really wrong with that. Made it all even more exciting than it had been already. Morgan enjoyed the hunt just as much as he enjoyed overtaking his prey.

Over the years he had heard a lot of people carelessly toss around the phrase about how they weren’t like everyone else but they had no damn clue. Not even close.

This was his world. It always had been, but now he could openly rule it. There was no longer any fear that his freedom would be taken away, no consequences to keep his base personality in check.

He could now fully embrace the pleasure of his existence.

The beauty beside him was literally giving him a helping hand in doing so.