Laura's Cowboys

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Laura's 28, and several years into a marriage to the love of her life, Todd. Knowing she has a hunger to be wild, Laura keeps it locked deep in the recesses of her mind. Afraid to release it, Laura feeds her need for wild sex by reading raunchy e-books. Todd senses her craving and suggests they go to a swingers club, and Laura is terrified and thrilled. They go, and picking up two men, Laura loses control and taking over, her hunger rampages.


Her eyes glued to the screen, Laura gasped when one of the cowboys yanked the young woman up, forcing her on her knees, and grabbed her hips. With the sounds of water cascading down a stone waterfall feeding the pool and focused on the raunchy sex scene, Laura didn’t hear her husband approaching.

“Hey, beautiful.”

“Fuck, Todd … you scared the shit outta me.”

“I noticed. Reading one of your wicked sex stories?”

“Maybe. What if I am?”

“Fine with me … every time you read one, you attack me.”

Seeing he was naked and interested, Laura licked her full lips. “Well, this story sure stoked my fire … get over here.”

Still gasping for air five minutes later, Todd said, “Wow. You weren’t kidding. That story really excited you. Tell me about it?”

Laura curled next to him, resting her head on Todd’s shoulder. “A lone woman riding in the mountains comes across three cowboys, seduces them and they all fuck her.”

“If those books make you that hot … read all of ‘em you want.”

“You don’t feel threatened by that?”

“Nope. Maybe you should do it for real.”

“What? Cowboy, don’t fuck with me.” Anger flashed in Laura’s eyes. “I’m not a slut and would never cheat on you.”

“Easy, cowgirl. I just think there’s a wildcat in you trying to escape. We should let it out of the cage and see what happens. I love you, but for the last six months or so, I’ve sensed something feral bubbling inside you.”

“Maybe there is. Say I agree. How do we do it?”