Dominant Bosses: Book 5 Of 'innocent Submissive'

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After losing her job, twenty-year-old Marie runs away to Vegas, hoping to find solace by hiding among the glamour and parties. Instead, she finds herself at the clutches of powerful alpha males in very public places. The men have her yearning for their brutal passion as she surrenders everything and submits to different men in bars and airplanes. Having an audience only makes it hotter.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"You cancelled our sessions," I whispered, stepping closer towards him and pressing my thigh against his half-hard cock. I looked up at him with hooded eyes and he looked guilty.

"Yes," he said. There was a glint in his eyes that looked dangerously close to affection. I waited for him to continue talking, but he merely stared at me.

"Madame Violet fired me." The words left my lips without going through my brain and I felt a blush creep onto my cheeks at the declaration. I felt like I was proposing to him, which was ludicrous.

"You don't work there anymore?" he asked, his eyebrow raised.

"Why else am I doing here on a Monday?" I leaned a little closer towards him so I wouldn't have to look at him when we talked. "Is Travis really your name?" I asked, knowing a number of my clients preferred giving pseudonyms when they visited Madame Violet for her services. It was to be expected. Some of the men who frequented our place were important, powerful figures in society.

"Yes," he answered as he tightened his hold on the small of my back, his fingers flexing experimentally. I felt my nipples pebble in response to his touch and arched towards him with a soft gasp when he pulled me closer. "Is Marie your real name?" he asked in returned.

"Yes," I found myself saying, licking my lips. It was more conversation we had than in the past few months together. Then again, he was blindfolded during the sessions and he referred to me as 'Mistress'. I was no longer in control, but I couldn't be bothered with that.

"You're even more beautiful without the mask."

"You're even more handsome without the blindfold," I countered, smiling loosely. "Who are you really, Travis, The Marine?" I asked, quirking my lips a little.

"I'm not a marine," he admitted, looking a little sheepish, as if he had been caught in a lie. "Haven't been one for a few years now," he said.

It never occurred to us that he could be a veteran. He came to sessions in his military uniform.

"I'm a businessman," he admitted. "My company is based here in LA," he said. At my questioning gaze, he continued, "I've been flying down to our sessions."

"Oh," I gasped. I twined my arms around his neck for balance, clinging to him in the low light. My heels weren't tall enough to bring our heights close. "Madame Violet said you were falling in love with me," I said, my pulse racing as I looked up into his eyes.

It must be some sort of record, to be fired from an escort service for being too good at my job. Men were falling in love with me.

He was breathing hard too. I could see his chest heave even as we stopped the pretense of dancing and just rubbed up against each other. The other dancers didn't seem to notice, or maybe it was just something people did in dance clubs and they didn't care. He was clearly hard under his jeans and I was suddenly grateful that the music was loud enough to muffle my moans.

He leaned down a little more to my ear, speaking a little louder than normal to be heard over the cacophony of noise in the club. "If you'd let me, I'd like to be in charge today."