Burning Fantasies

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These fun short stories were among the first written by the author: 

1) A woman hides her true identity to seduce the man she has been chatting with online. 

2) A student is educated by his lusty teacher, or is he? 

3) Two long distance lovers meet for the first time to enjoy each other bodies.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these quick naughty fantasies.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

They had met in a chat room and kept in contact over an instant messenger. She was a young girl from Texas and he was only a year older and from the east coast. He liked to keep her in suspense when it came to his specific location. He was intrigued by her and she seemed to enjoy talking to him. They had been talking for about a month when they decided to experiment with each other. 

Cybersex had always interested him and she was curious as to how it would feel and if it would ruin their internet friendship. They both went through the process slowly and enjoyed it immensely. They were both very new at this and couldn't believe that the other was just as inexperienced. They grew even closer after that first sexual escapade. They wanted to be with each other more every time they cybered and even discussed the idea of meeting.