A Christmas Manny: Gay Romance

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Christmas is approaching fast and Gary Radcliff is still recovering from an injury. He can use some help especially with his little boy, Scotty. Gary doesn't want him to be cooped up when there might be snow out there any day now. He hires Wayne to help him give his kid a happy Christmas.

Wayne has worked as a health aid before but never as a manny. He takes his work seriously, but it turns out that working for Gary and Scotty is more fun than work. Right away, he fits in with those two.

He also finds himself incredibly drawn to Gary. Unaware that Gary feels the same way, Wayne thinks it's hopeless. If only Wayne can be brave enough to speak up, their attraction might turn into so much more.

It doesn't take much to ignite their desire, but will demands of real life get in the way of their happy life?