Mama's Boys: 4 Erotic Tales Of Mother/son Taboo

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When an overstuffed minivan requires Gabrielle to sit in her son's lap, the horny teenager gives her a reason to enjoy the bumpy ride. When Selma discovers that girls are sending her son sexy selfies, she decides to take a few of her own... In this collection of four taboo shorts, mothers and their sons are trapped in awkward situations that result in surprising sexual awakenings!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

From "My Son Helps Me Take a Selfie":

I was embarassed beyond all measure and could not stand another moment of his cruel laughter. When I dared to look at him again, he surprised me. Gone was the smug smirk, the twinkling eyes, replaced with soft compassion. He was so handsome when he really cared about something; his lips pursed to an artful pink line and his brow slightly furrowed. It was strange to see a version of my own lips on such a masculine face, though the crease in his forehead came directly from his father. Everything else was his own. It did not surprise me that women were eager to send him their naughty selfies.

Tommy surprised me again when, instead of leaving my doorway, he tromped into my bedroom and sat down beside me. "Hey," he said. "I'm sorry." He laid his big hand over my trembling fingers. I was holding the phone so tightly that it creaked between my thighs. When he put his hand over mine his thumb brushed my inner thigh, and I cursed my body for reacting to that simple touch. It was like his fingertip sent a message to all the nerves in my leg that there was a man in my room (and room for a man). I felt dirty just for enjoying the pressure!

"It's fine," I sighed. "I'm sure I looked like an idiot."

I thought he was going to laugh again and winced in preparation. But the laugh didn't quite come. He flashed his white teeth again. "Can I tell you what I think I saw?"

I sighed. "I just don't understand how dating works. You know I've been...trying. I'm not proud to admit that I took some...inspiration? From your girlfriends' pictures. Of course I'm about thirty years too old to pose like that."

Tommy rolled his fingers through my hair. "Get out of town," he chided me. 

"Stop teasing," I said softly. "I'm old and I'm lonely and men aren't looking for a woman like me. They're looking for girls who fit your little collection."

Tommy shrugged. "I won't say I'm not proud of 'my little collection,' but you're seriously underestimating your worth."

"I don't want your pity," I said.

"Pity?" His brow furrowed again. "I'm serious! You know how many guys would kill for a date with a hot older woman?"

"Oh yeah?" I replied. "Well if I see any I'll tell them."

He chuckled. "Mom, c'mon."

"Come on, what?" I moaned. "I'm fat and I'm old!"

He whirled on the bed, throwing his knee up between us and leaning in to fix me with his most serious stare. "You know what?" he said. "I know you're probably fishing here but I'm going to let you have it. Seems like you need it. Do you know how many of my friends have called you a MILF?"

"Okay," I sighed. "Okay, you've been very sweet to me. Now will you please leave me to my shame?"

"Nope," he said. "I want to see what you've got." He reached for my phone.

I yanked it away. "Absolutely not! Are you kidding me?"

He fixed me with his most disarming smile. "Well if you don't let me see it," he said, "how can I help you improve?"