My Roommate's Slutty Asian Girlfriend

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Buddy is a shy nerd that lives in fear of his crazy roommate, Evan. Unfortunately, Buddy can't keep his eyes off Evan's Vietnamese girlfriend. She just loves tantalizing the poor nerd with her body! When Buddy accidentally records Ivy in a compromising position, he gains the power to make her do whatever he wants. Now he's going to punish this dirty Asian slut for teasing him all these months!


"You're going to write that paper for me." She slid her hand over my armrest and turned the swivel chair. I yelped, but she overpowered me. Her thighs wedged between the armrests and my hips until she was sitting in my lap.

As I struggled to put my protest into words, Ivy gripped the head of the chair and ground herself down on my crotch. I let out a grunt, and that met her approval. "You're allowed to look this time," she said. She grabbed the hem of her tiny t-shirt and rolled the tight fabric up her chest. Her breasts dropped out of the shirt like two heavy teardrops. The nipples were stiff and mouth-watering. The computer light shimmered on the bear claw tattoos.

Trapped in its denim prison, my erection pushed desperately into her crotch. Ivy pulled her arms out of her shirt and let it droop over her shoulder. Then she took my head, and shoved me into her cleavage.

I moaned in horny confusion. Beneath her pale skin, her warm tits rolled like dough. They smelled of sweat and body lotion. The big, brown nipples played over my chin and cheek, and she cupped both hands over my nape as she rolled her tits back and forth on my face. "It's your lucky night, you little pervert," she whispered. "Now lick them."

I couldn't think at all. Evan's biceps and fearsome temper were blotted out by Ivy's voluminous boobs. I opened my mouth and let her feed me her nipple. As I suckled, she took my hands from behind her and slid them up her sides, up to cup her breasts. When I squeezed, she moaned--not from any attraction, I'm sure, but because she knew that sound made my cock harder. She shoved herself down on it. Her sheer yoga shorts rode up her ass as she masturbated me through my jeans. "Kiss them," she ordered. "Lick them all over. That's what you want. You stare at them all the fucking time."

That's because she was always shoving them in my face. Now she was doing it literally! Ivy was going to be the death of me, but how could I think rationally? I lifted her heavy breasts up to my mouth and licked the sweat off her skin. I licked over the claw tattoo and let her nipple harden on the bumps of my tongue. I rolled them together and kneaded her cleavage with my nose.

Her hand tangled in my hair, and she shoved my face into her soft skin. "Now listen," she said. "You're going to write that fucking paper for me. Uh-huh?"

"Uh?" I moaned into her tits.

"That's right," she said. She massaged my dick with a long, languorous roll of her thighs. "I need that A, Buddy. I'm failing that class. But if I fucking get an A, you know what?" She shoved my skull into the headrest. I blinked up at her, dazed. "You know what?"

"What?" I breathed.

"I'll let you fuck me."

It was a hopeless situation. She was in my lap, her shirt was off, and the wet trails of my spit glistened on her giant tits. She gazed down at me with that superior look, certain I was in her power. She wasn't wrong.