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  • Jurgen Appelo - Startup, Scaleup, Screwum, Lean + Agile DC 2019

    11/02/2020 Duración: 26min

    Last year I spoke with Jurgen Appelo at LitheSpeeds annual Lean + Agile DC conference.  He delivered a great Keynote on his book Startup, Scaleup, Screwup.

  • Lean + Agile DC 2019 - Padmini Nidumolu - Women in Agile Panel Discussion

    19/07/2019 Duración: 28min

    Welcome to this special edition of the Agiletoolkit Podcast hosted by Padmini Nidumolu. Padmini is one of the founders of Lean In Agile for Women here in the DC area and also hosts a meetup focused connecting women in the Agile community to share their stories. In this podcast he speaks with several speakers from Lean+Agile DC. Enjoy her conversation with Jessica Hall, Lisa Mabli, Christina Garnett and Rachael Bradstock.   Enjoy this podcast. - Bob Payne

  • Lisa Smith - Agile in Operations at Duke Energy - Business Agility 2019

    10/06/2019 Duración: 13min

    I spoke with Lisa Smith at the Business Agility conference 2019.  She and I chat about her use of Agile methods in Duke Energy.  She is a former executive from Duke Energy who was leading business agility transformation in 2018.  She’s left behind a true legacy of business agility within energy industrial operations. Here are some links to her 2018 talk at the Business Agility Conference. Enjoy  

  • Pia-Maria Thorén - Agile People/HR - Business Agility 2019

    18/05/2019 Duración: 18min

    I spoke with Pia-Maria Thorén (@piamia2) at the Business Agility 2019 conference.  We talk about her work with Agile HR and people operations. She is the author of Agile People A Radical Approach for HR and Managers.

  • Agile Business Consortium - Geof Ellingham - Business Agility 2019

    24/04/2019 Duración: 28min

    I spoke with @geofellingham about the Agile Business Consortium and using an Agile approach to hire an executive for the organization. Enjoy Bob Payne

  • Business Agility Sparks - Evan Leybourn - Business Agility 2019

    06/03/2019 Duración: 18min

    I switch seats and let Evan Leybourn interview Sanjiv Augustine and me about the Business Agility Sparks framework we have published from LitheSpeed We are excited to be promoting the cause of Business Agility with Evan and look forward to the Business Agility Conference in NYC. For more on the Business Agility Sparks and the Business Agility Conference Visit the following links. Business Agility Sparks Business Agility Conference - NYC Enjoy  Bob Payne

  • Kevin Fisher - DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018

    06/02/2019 Duración: 20min

    Kevin Fisher, Nationwide Insurance Associate Vice President, Lean Process Management (Lean, Agile, DevOps) sat down with Bob at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018. Connect with Bob on Twitter. Transcript Bob Payne:  "The Agile Toolkit." [music] Bob:  Hi. I'm your host, Bob Payne. I'm here at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 and I'm here with Kevin Fisher from Nationwide. Kevin, we worked together an awfully long time, back from the early days of Agile, at Nationwide. I remember, actually I Tweeted, because it was in the talk with a couple of gentlemen that were from Nationwide. They were talking about the DevOps roll out that they're doing and they had this sort of Sherpa chart. It's always great to see how far you guys have come from the early days. I was impressed by their talk. Unfortunately, I didn't get to your talk, but I hear you had some pretty interesting things in your talk around metrics, and measuring flow, and that sort of thing. Maybe we can chat about that? Kevin Fisher:  That's right, Bob. Bob

  • Mik Kersten - DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018

    07/11/2018 Duración: 25min

    CEO of Tasktop Technologies Mik Kersten discusses his session "Project to Product: How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT and Business" at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018. Connect with Mik and Bob on Twitter.   Learn more about AgileToolkit Sponsor LitheSpeed at   Transcript:  Mik Kersten ‑ DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018   Bob Payne:  "The Agile Toolkit." [music] Bob:  Hi, I'm your host, Bob Payne, here at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 with Mik Kersten. Mik, you gave a really great talk, one of the keynotes, and I really love the message that you were pulling in, bringing some of the Lean Manufacturing ideas. I know you've been working with BMW, so it's a pretty close call. This idea of looking at data visualization, flow metrics versus compartmentalized, "We've gotten 20 tickets done, but what sort of value have you captured?" I love the fact that you were mixing four different types of work so that you can visualize ‑‑ How are your investment strategies paying off? Are you investin

  • Jeffrey Davidson, Jo Avent - Agile2018

    07/11/2018 Duración: 24min

    Jeffrey Davidson and Jo Avent join Bob to discuss their Agile2018 session Hunting for Diamonds: Hiring the Very Best for Your Agile Team.   Connect with Jeffrey and Bob on Twitter.

  • Shane Hastie - Agile2018

    05/11/2018 Duración: 35min

        Shane Hastie joins Bob to discuss his Agile2018 sessions: Being Agile in a Remote Team and The Foundations of Business Agility   Shane is the Director of Agile Learning Programs at ICAgile, Chair of Agile Alliance New Zealand, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods & Podcast Host on  Connect with Shane and Bob on Twitter.

  • Johanna Rothman - Agile2018

    02/11/2018 Duración: 22min

    Johanna Rothman joins the podcast at Agile2018 and discusses her sessions: You Have to Say More There: Effective Communication in a Distributed Agile Team and Agile and Lean Roadmapping: Incorporating Change at Every Level of Product Planning.   Connect with Johanna and Bob on Twitter.

  • Sam Guckenheimer - DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018

    01/11/2018 Duración: 29min

    Bob chats with Microsoft Azure DevOps Product Owner and author of Agile Software Engineering with Visual Studio, Sam Guckenheimer, at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018. Connect with Sam and Bob on Twitter.   Transcript Sam Guckenheimer ‑ DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 Bob Payne:  "The Agile Toolkit." [music] Bob:  Hi, I'm your host Bob Payne. I'm here at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 with Sam Guckenheimer. Welcome, Sam. Sam Guckenheimer:  Thank you, Bob. It's great to be here. Bob:  It's the first time we're really chatting. We chatted a tiny bit last night. My colleague Sanjiv Augustine said you were instrumental in hosting The Agile leadership network when it formed and came up with the declaration of Interdependence. How did that end up coming about? Sam:  Well, that was no what 14 years ago or something like that. [laughter] Sam:  What we saw was at that time that this was of course way pre‑DevOps. The Agile community had fractured into many groups saying "More agile than thou." That seemed stupid. Bob

  • Esther Derby - Agile2018

    01/11/2018 Duración: 29min

    Esther Derby chatted with Bob at Agile2018 about her two sessions - Creating an Environment for Successful Agile Teams and Clarity, Conditions, Constraints: An Alternative to Top Down Control.   Connect with Esther and Bob on Twitter.    

  • Scott Ambler - Agile2018

    28/09/2018 Duración: 35min

    Scott Ambler joined Bob on the podcast at Agile2018.  Hear about Scott's Agile2018 talks "Database DevOps: Strategies to Address DevOps' "Last Mile" and "Agile Architecture: Mindset, skills, and practices."   Connect with Bob on Twitter and @LitheSpeed.

  • Steve Mayner - Agile2018

    27/09/2018 Duración: 19min

    How's the Agile world growing up?  Dr. Steve Mayner, SAFe Fellow and Principle Consultant at Scaled Agile, Inc. joins Bob on the podcast at Agile2018.   Connect with Steve on Twitter.  Follow Bob's Twitter and visit for support building an Agile organization.

  • Jeff Sutherland - Agile2018

    21/08/2018 Duración: 16min

    Where will Scrum@Scale take the Agile industry?  Co-creator of Scrum Jeff Sutherland sits down with @AgileToolkit to explore Scrum@Scale at Agile2018. Connect with Jeff Sutherland on Twitter. Learn more about Scrum@Scale.   @AgileToolkit is sponsored by LitheSpeed.   Transcript:   Bob Payne:  The Agile Toolkit. [background music] Bob:  I'm your host, Bob Payne. I'm here with Jeff Sutherland, one of the co‑creators of Scrum. Now you're working on Scrum at Scale. We're very excited about that at LitheSpeed. Just wanted to hear a little bit about Scrum at Scale and where you think that's going to take the industry. Jeff Sutherland:  It actually starts a long time ago. I was pulled out of medical school in 1983. For 15 years I was a research scientist, working with tools for Bell Labs. Learned how to write software for super‑computing, modeling the human cell. Really, all the basics of Scrum were formulated in that environment. When I was pulled out of the medical school by a big banking company they said, "Over

  • Evan Leybourn - Agile2018

    21/08/2018 Duración: 20min

    Business Agility Institute founder Evan Leybourn shares results from the 2018 Business Agility report at Agile2018. Connect with Evan on Twitter: @Eleybourn Download the Business Agility Report (2018). Add your voice to this report: Take the Business Agility Survey for 2019's report here. Follow @AgileToolkit. Visit to help your organization embrace Business Agility.   Transcript: Evan Leybourn ‑ Agile2018   Announcer:  The Agile Toolkit. [music] Bob Payne:  I'm your host, Bob Payne. I'm here with Evan Leybourn from Australia. Evan, you're ahead of the Business Agility Institute, and you guys just released the Business Agility report today, you're at Agile 2018. I was leafing through it. There's a lot of great infographics and information behind those infographics. Do you want to just talk about how you went about getting the report? Then, maybe we can talk about some of the interesting results. Evan Leybourn:  Thanks, Bob. It's great to talk to you again. I absolutely love being on this podca

  • Tammy Gretz & Wendy Jacobs - Agile2018

    21/08/2018 Duración: 25min

    Tammy Gretz and Wendy Jacobs discuss their talk "From Self Obsession to Self Selection: A Scaled Org's Journey to Value Reorganization" at Agile2018.   Transcript Tammy Gretz Wendy Jacobs ‑ Agile2018   Bob Payne:  "The Agile toolkit." [music] Bob:  Hi. I'm your host, Bob Payne. I'm here with Tammy Gretz of [inaudible 0:25] ... [laughter] Bob:  ...and Wendy Jacobs. We've chatted a bit before this, but this is the first time you guys are doing a podcast, I think. Wendy Jacobs:  A live podcast, yes. Bob:  A live podcast. Wendy:  Correct. Bob:  This is recorded. [laughter] Bob:  You still have had to come. Wendy:  This is the first live or recorded podcast for me. There you go. [laughter] Bob:  You are doing a talk and it's related to team self‑selection, From Self‑Obsession to Self‑Selection. What's that all about? How do you two work together? What's your back story? What's the talk? Wendy:  I work at AEP, American Electric Power ‑‑ this is Wendy ‑‑ and Tammy and I work together there. She is a Scrum master on

  • Michael Carrel - Nationwide Insurance

    19/07/2018 Duración: 24min

    CIO for Enterprise Applications at Nationwide Insurance Michael Carrel covers rolling out agile enterprise-wide at scale, becoming comfortable with failure, and the ins and outs of building a culture of visual management, accountability, and innovation at this financial services giant.   Transcript  Bob Payne: [00:00:21] I'm here with Michael Carrel from Nationwide. So Michael we've worked together years ago. What are you what are you doing now at Nationwide?   Michael Carrel: [00:00:31] Thanks. Yeah I'm the CIO for enterprise applications at Nationwide. So what I have a responsibility for is all plan build and run for technology solutions supporting our staff functions within Nationwide's marketing, legal, human resources, investments, finance and actually I.T. itself.   Bob Payne: [00:00:48] Wow, so that's that's great. So that that is has expanded since we had worked together.   Michael Carrel: [00:00:53] Lots of stuff.   Bob Payne: [00:00:55] Yeah absolutely. So what trends are you seeing in the Insurance

  • Dan James - Lean+Agile DC 2018

    27/06/2018 Duración: 17min

    Agile at scale can get you to code very quickly, but then sometimes everything comes to a screeching halt.  The biggest bottlenecks are often found after teams are done with the code.  Dan James of Icon Agility Services joined Bob Payne on the Agile Toolkit Podcast to discuss Dan’s session at Lean+Agile DC 2018: Building a Lean Enterprise with DevOps.  Dan and Bob explore “shifting left,” creating a pipeline of smooth handoffs, and decoupling release from deployment.   TRANSCRIPT   Bob Payne: [00:00:01] Hi, I'm your host Bob Payne I'm here at Lean+Agile D.C. 2018 and I'm here with Dan James from Icon Agility or is that Icon Agility Services.  Dan James: [00:00:13] It's the whole name. Bob Payne:  [00:00:14] It's the whole name? Okay great. And your talk is on DevOps Transformation, scaling and and other things. Dan James: [00:00:24] Yeah, Extending the Lean Enterprise with DevOps.  Bob Payne: [00:00:27] Uh huh.What does that mean when you say that, Lean Enterprise?  Dan James: [00:00:31] Well we know that agi

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