Eco Art Matters with Cathy Fitzgerald PhD



Art has a critical role in these urgent times of ecological emergency. Cathy Fitzgerald, PhD., talks about how eco art practices have immense social power to inspire people to live differently, to live well with the Earth and its inhabitants. She talks with others working in this exciting, rewarding area and about the challenges and opportunities involved. Eco art matters - it helps engage and inspire us for the better world we know is possible.


  • Cultural Climates: Fostering Art for Sustainability in Ireland

    24/05/2019 Duración: 34min

    Eco-social artist, researcher and educator, Dr Cathy Fitzgerald, talks of how her ongoing (since 2008) eco-social art practice, The Hollywood Forest Story, and how it helped her develop ecoliteracy and agency to promote new-to-Ireland permanent forestry from her small forest in rural South County Carlow, Ireland. As her practice developed over the last decade, and with insights from working previously to provide professional developments supports through Arts Offices in the South East of Ireland, Cathy became acutely aware of the absence of arts policy, strategy and educational supports for creative workers to engage effectively with the unfolding eco-social emergencies. In recent years, Cathy reviewed overseas art and sustainbility programmes and cultural policy research (Fitzgerald, 2017) to identify that culture, which includes the arts, is the overlooked 4th Pillar of Sustainability. Cathy's research reveals that Ireland's cultural sector at present, is not activated or supported for its potential to prov

  • Goodbye Anthropocene - Hello Symbiocene

    18/05/2019 Duración: 15min

    The first Irish signatory to #CultureDeclaresEmergency and eco-social artist, researcher and educator, Dr Cathy Fitzgerald, discusses the new era, the Symbiocene. The Symbiocene is the new epoch in human history, beyond the ecocide of the Anthropocene, in which emergent humanity celebrates and respects all life's diversity and develops new Earth-aligned intellectual and emotional features. Cathy's talk identifies that the Symbiocene can help cultural workers and others frame their work, especially ecological art practices situated in communities that help people envision new ideas, practices and values for a better, more just and beautiful world. Cathy uses the Symbiocene to help deepen understanding of her ongoing eco-social art practice: The Hollywood Forest Story - 'the little wood that could'. See Cathy was invited by Dr. Nessa Cronin, Irish Studies, National University of Galway and Professors Karen Till and Gerry Kearns