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  • ALEX HONNOLD ~ The Worlds Greatest Free Soloist

    ALEX HONNOLD ~ The World's Greatest Free Soloist

    01/01/2016 Duración: 24min

    CONVERSATION w ALEX HONNOLD ~ The World's Greatest Free Soloist has just free soloed El Cap's 'FreeRider without a rope in an astonishing 3hrs 58 mins! In this unique interview, Alex shares his thoughts as he prepares to free solo the crown jewel of all free solos: El Cap! This conversation is not only haunting, but it's extremely revealing as Alex candidly talks about the death of Dean Potter and how it has affected him, and his thoughts on climbing towering skyscrapers, and his runaway best seller 'Alone on the Wall.' To watch Alex Honnold videos please visit To purchase his book please visit Amazon @

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