Jeremy Greene



From rough beginning Jeremy Greene overcame difficulties to get a new voice in the world of R & B Born in Winslow Maine Jeremy had music in their blood, both his ancestors were in the music his mother was a singer and his father was signed by a country music label, but His life was far from ideal, his father left when he was a child and his mother struggled with addiction issues When Jeremy was ten years old choir teacher discovered his natural talent and offered him the musical lead in a school production His performance in the game whose plot eerily mirrored his life, intensely moved his mother motivate her to seek care "That was when I first realized the power of music" Jeremy remembered Unfortunately, her mother's continued setbacks forced Jeremy into foster care systemwhere he was shuffled between group homes and shelters from the age of 14 during these troubled times, he used music to escape from the harsh realities of life, listen to the Jackson Five Boyz II Men, and Tony Toni Toné At 18, Jeremy decided to pursue his dream of becoming a singer, he strove to make music an outlet for their feelings, thoughts and ideas "One night I asked for power to express myself through songwriting, I woke up at 4 and wrote my first song" Over 70 songs later, Jeremy has cultivated a style all his own as ranges from heartfelt songs of love to driving dance track inspired by the deep R & B and soul music from past and present counts Jeremy Usher Montell Jordan and Brian McKnight among his musical influencessee Jeremy expresses himself with youthful energy ennd passion without ignoring the street-smart edge he had in his youth, his brand of R & B infused with a hip hop edge to create a modern urban sound results from his troubled private life, he crafts songs with meaningful texts explores themes of love and passion and spirituality Jeremy is dedicated to helping society through his music, he regularly volunteers with underprivileged children at the Boys and Girls Center "Many of the children have had a hard life, I love talking to them and show them that there are alternatives Believe me, I've been there I know what it's like "2002 Jeremy organized a September 11th benefit in his hometown where he premiered his moving ballad" That's When I Stop Missing You "