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HearSay with Cathy Lewis is the only locally produced, public affairs radio call-in program in Hampton Roads. Every Monday through Friday, we reach more than 35,000 listeners, from Richmond to the Outer Banks.


  • Vaccines And Variants Of COVID-19 / Pet Health


    An EVMS doctor talks to Cathy about the current situation surrounding the pandemic. Then HearSay's favorite veterinarian, Dr. Phyllis Neumann, joins us to tackle your pet health questions.

  • Extremism And Dialogue


    How do extremist groups split families and friends apart, and what do you do when it affects someone you love? We talk about the social aspects of extremism, the need for dialogue and the possibility of healing.

  • COVID-19 Vaccines And Company Policy


    National grocery store chains, like Aldi, Trader Joe’s and Dollar General, are offering employees money to get vaccinated against COVID-19. We talk to a legal expert about COVID-19 vaccines and employer liability. What has your employer communicated to you about the vaccine? Will you be required to get it before returning to the office? Then, we talk to an ODU professor whose composition was performed at President Biden’s inauguration.

  • Vaccine Rollout / Insurrection / Politics In Virginia


    Cathy Lewis breaks down the current vaccine rollout policies in Virginia. Then, the Commonwealth's Attorney from Portsmouth helps us understand the mechanics of charging insurrectionists the violence at the Capitol. Finally, Denver Riggleman joins the program to talk about extremism, misinformation, politics in Virginia and the direction of the GOP.

  • Vaccines / Careful With COVID-19


    Last week, Governor Ralph Northam announced new goals for giving out the coronavirus vaccine. We talk to the man tasked with leading those efforts, Dr. Danny Avula. Which priority group do you fall under for the vaccine? Do you plan on getting it when it’s available? Then, we discuss behaviors around mask-wearing and social distancing. What is your personal definition for “being careful” when it comes to the pandemic? Has that changed over time?

  • Presidency In Crisis / Virginia Politics In 2021


    We discuss the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol and the crisis in the last days of the Trump presidency. Then we discuss the effects on Virginia politics, going forward.

  • Sen. Tim Kaine / The Election Count / Schools And COVID-19


    We discuss developments around the Electoral College count happening today and the historical precedent. Then, we talk about how COVID-19 is impacting education in schools across Virginia.

  • Political Polarization / Voices Of Fire


    Cathy Lewis discusses political polarization in our nation and our community. Then, we explore the world of gospel music in Hampton Roads with people featured on the Netflix documentary "Voices of Fire."

  • Looking Ahead


    Cathy Lewis talks to experts in media and business about the big stories in our community last year... and what to expect in the year to come.

  • Holiday Classics


    On the last HearSay show of our programming year, we talk about our favorite holiday songs, and we want to hear yours.

  • Sen. Mark Warner / Electoral Count / Newport News Library / Virtual Learning


    Sen. Warner joins the program to discuss cybersecurity, the Electoral College count and COVID-19 relief, and we talk to a William and Mary Law professor about the transition of power. Cathy Lewis also talks to the outgoing director of the Newport News Public Library and a local educator.

  • State Of The Commonwealth / Flooding / Arts In 2020


    Old Dominion University has produced its annual State of the Commonwealth report after a truly eventful year. Economist Robert McNab explains the state of our state. Then, we discuss flooding and development in Hampton Roads. Finally, we talk about the challenges artistic institutions faced in 2020.

  • Falling Behind In School?


    Do you feel like your children have lost out on educational opportunities this year? What should we do to solve this problem going forward?

  • Mental And Physical Health


    How did people stay healthy, happy and in shape during this challenging year? Where did we succeed, fall short and persevere? Cathy Lewis talks to a variety of sources on this very personal topic.

  • COVID-19 Restrictions / Governor's Race


    On Thursday, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced new COVID-19 restrictions. But this time, he preceded them by showing a video of a nurse working in the COVID wing of a hospital in Southwest Virginia. We talk to the researchers behind a study that found the more empathetic people are, the more likely they are to keep their distance and use face masks to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Then, we discuss the issues driving Virginia's gubernatorial race in 2021.

  • Conspiracy Theories & Misinformation / Vaccines


    Do you have friends or family spreading conspiracy theories or misinformation? What are those conversations like? We discuss the topic with professors and reporters. Then, we talk about the upcoming vaccines.

  • Offshore Wind / Bus Rapid Transit / School Reopening Plans


    We discuss why Hampton Roads could be the perfect location for offshore wind development and training. Then, we explore the possibility of expanding bus rapid transit in our region. And finally, we discuss reopening plans for cities in Hampton Roads.

  • Colonial Williamsburg / REV Initiative / Redistricting Commission


    We discuss the Re-Employing Virginians (REV) initiative, which is providing scholarships to students whose jobs have been affected by the pandemic, with the president of Tidewater Community College. Then, we talk to Brian Cannon of FairMapsVA about the application requirements to become a member of Virginia's bipartisan redistricting commission. But first, we talk to businesswoman and former GOP-presidential candidate Carly Fiorina about her role as the new chair of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Board of Trustees.

  • COVID-19 Etiquette


    Cathy Lewis and experts talk about how COVID has changed the way we treat each other in our families, at our jobs, in our neighborhoods and online.

  • Holiday Shopping / Holiday Reading


    Cathy Lewis discusses what we're reading, and what we're getting for our loved ones this holiday season.

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