A Falling Knife An Evan Adair Mystery

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FINALIST for 2020 Independent Audiobook Award - Mystery

Never try to catch a falling knife.

Ex-NYPD detective Evan Adair has finally figured out what’s good for him: to step back and allow death its dominion. The truth, after all, doesn't bring the dead back. It’s a lesson Adair has had to learn the hard way.

But when a brilliant young man dies by violence – the victim of an apparently impossible crime – the case calls out to Adair like a siren’s song. He can’t stay away, not even when it threatens to drag him down into the chasm of his own grief.

The mystery draws Adair deep inside the worlds of high finance and high-stakes biotech, lands full of strange fauna and complicated lies. The weapons of choice look like numbers and dollar signs – but the blood they draw runs red. Red as the blood that haunts Evan Adair’s dreams. 


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