Managing Anxiety and a Relationship with Children Practical Guidance and Valuable Advice for Maintaining a Healthy and Happy Family Life

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Are you frightened about the future and what it will bring?

Do you want to be able to find ways to deal with it before it ruins your life?

Do you have a young child and want to make sure they grow up happy, healthy and well liked?

Do you think you are doing all the right things, or do you see a need to improve?

Do you have a child who suffers from anger issues?

Do you find them hard to control when they throw a tantrum?

Would you like to learn some great techniques for dealing with furious outbursts?

All children have moments when they are overcome with anger or have a tantrum. Usually it is because they aren’t getting their own way and they can often be quelled quickly, with some soothing words or a quiet explanation. But some children are prone to anger issues that go beyond a simple desire to get their own way and these children require more patience and understanding, as well as an actionable way of dealing with them. Inside this book there are powerful methods for you to learn how to deal with fear, anger and sadness in your child, with chapters that cover:

- How to understand the development of an angry child

- The causes of anger issues

- Teaching your child anger management techniques

- Parenting skills that will help you

- The importance of staying calm

- Understanding your child’s learning style

- Understanding yourself as much as your child

- Protecting children from harmful influences

- What Narcissistic Personality Disorder is

- Tests you can do to get the answers you want

It ultimately falls to us as parents to examine ourselves in order to raise a happy child who is free from negative traits. By changing the way you think and act, you can banish the negative emotions and unhappiness that often see children damaged beyond repair.

Scroll up for a copy and discover the secrets to making your child a joyful one.


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