Where is your altar?

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An altar is a place of sacrifice. It is a place of worship. It is where the humans and the spirits meet regularly. Altar demands for sacrifice and sacrifices attract God. If you want to have a very cordial relationship with God, you must establish an altar and maintain it regularly with sacrifice. And I take it for granted that you know that today’s sacrifice is no more the animals, birds, candles, incense, grain and burnt offerings, etc, but our lives dedicated to God.

Today, we offer sweet smelling, pleasing sacrifice to him by living a holy and dedicated life. The life we live ascends to him as a sweet smelling savor, as a pleasing odor. Now, I ask, are you living as a sacrifice to him – holy and dedicated? Do you have an altar? Do you have for your family? Where you pray? Do you have a dedicated place and time for it? Do you give him enough praise and worship? Do you know that heaven comes to wait for you at your regular time and place of worship? And what of the heathen, the occult, Satanists, do they have their own altars? Can they affect us? This is an interesting book.