Lydia and the Unicorns and the Lost Easter Bunny An Easter Bunny Chapter Book for Kids

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Lydia and Lucy thought they were about to start a fun Easter egg hunt. But they are about to meet a big surprise: the Easter Bunny has disappeared! No more searching for eggs, this spring we are searching for bunnies!

Lydia and Lucy set on a mission to find it with the help of Crystal and Emerald, their Unicorn and Pegasus friends. They will travel to the Land of Magic, meet the evil Sugar WIzard and make friends with the bees.

Join them on their Easter Bunny adventure!

Lydia and the Unicorns is a series of chapter books for kids, ideal to read as bedtime stories or for children who can read on their own. These chapter books are apt for 1st and 2nd graders, and for older children as well.

Enjoy this spring tale featuring Lydia, Lucy and the Unicorns!

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