MINDFUL RELATIONSHIP GUIDE Strategies to preserve a positive, healthy and long-term connection with the partner

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When we think of couples in a happy relationship and what the basis of their happiness is for them to have such a great relationship, we quickly think of things like the attraction or love that they feel for each other.

We don't think of an emotional strength that the two have developed.

We don't think these people are so reflective that they have put down all the conflicts that brought them back from childhood and bad experiences.

We don't think they have overcome an emotional addiction and insecurity that make it difficult for each of us to get to know each other easily and without power games or hidden cards.

Relationships do not succeed because the partners are magically destined for each other, but because they have removed their inner conflicts, emotional dependency and insecurity and have now developed an emotional strength that allows them to have happy relationships - in the partnership that Friendship and to yourself.

They can be 30 or 75 years old. They come in all colors, shapes, sizes and income classes.

It doesn't matter how long they are together. Whatever the reason, if you see a happy couple, you just know it!

How do these couples stay together in good and bad times and what makes a happy relationship? Fortunately, the answer to this is not "by luck or chance".

It is the result of deliberate actions.

“MINDFUL RELATIONSHIP GUIDE” is an amazing book that talks about strategies to preserve a positive, healthy and long-term connection with the partner.

The information in this book is sure to transform your view of relationships and it is sure to boost the current status of your relationship. In my opinion, this book is better than the hours you will spend with the psychologist.