Nathan Prequel

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Former military man, Nathan Mason, is trying to piece his life together after the death of his mother and the purposeful separation from his twin. Knowing the inheritance left by his mother won’t last forever, he has two options- return to the Army or get a job in security.

Landing a bodyguard position isn’t his ideal job choice, but it’s one of the few opportunities he’s qualified for. In fact, he believes he’s over-qualified to be on babysitting duty for some wealthy man’s bratty child. All that changes when he meets Christian Madison.

Christian Madison is the twenty-year-old heir to a high-profile pharmaceutical company. Threats have been pouring in since his father’s announcement to hike the price of the company’s AIDS treatment drug. Arthur Madison knows he needs to ensure Christian’s safety, so he hires a team to guard his son. Bodyguard Nathan Mason is Christian’s only chance for safety, and his only hope for love.


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