To Refuse Such a Man A Pride and Prejudice Story

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With two proposals in one day—which offer will Miss Elizabeth Bennet choose? Marriage to the first of the two men would subject her to misery of the acutest kind. Marriage to the other would be merely for the sake of avoiding a scandal. Either would serve the interests of Elizabeth's family, but what of her own wishes?

Will Elizabeth reject both gentlemen's offers of marriage, especially when one of them is Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy? Will she dare to refuse such a man?

What listeners have said:

"Pearl Hewitt has a wonderful speaking voice, and it fits this type of novel naturally. She's the perfect narrator for the time period. I've listened to this book twice since I purchased it and enjoyed it more each time!"

"I like alternative stories that stay true to the characters, wit and restraint of the original. I needed to enjoy the goodness in P&P without a lot of angst and this was just right."

"If you love Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer then you will love love love this novel. The story was unique and the characters were true to the original in that their main characteristics were unchanged but we also got to see a new part of their personality and manners."

"I always love how Dixon writes Darcy’s perspective. As the title says. (Sigh) Such a MAN. His inner monologues are filled with desire and anticipation. The engagement scenes and Elizabeth’s perspective are worth a laugh out loud. I have listened to several Dixon books now and am impressed with Pearl Hewitt's range of voices keeping all character voices consistent book to book."

"Pam Dixon once again enchants her readers and listeners into a state of excitement and fear for our favourite couple! But of course leaves us with a happy ending and a longing for more!"