Dead Games

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The weak beg for scraps. The strong are rewarded. Order is maintained.

The only son of a powerful warlord, Gun hates the unjust system that keeps his father in power. But with flesh-eating plaguers outside the city walls, his father holds all the cards—and he knows it. 

When Gun breaks the rules, he expects the punishment to be severe. Instead, he is ordered to befriend a girl. Gun would rather fight plaguers than waste his time on a teenager–until he meets Sulan.

As his feelings for Sulan grow, Gun faces a choice: does he toe the line and avoid his father’s wrath, or protect Sulan and her dangerous secret?

Dead Games is the prequel to the high-octane Afterworld Apocalypse series. If you like the dystopian romance of Warm Bodies and the gritty characters of 28 Days Later, you’ll love this action-packed story.

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