Nightlight 6

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001 - AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH - Satan's Demonic Comeback Exposed!

Eschatologist Joseph Candel decrypts Jesus' warning, "As in the days of Noah, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be" and reveals that Satan hasn't given up, as he tries to conquer the earth again! Get the Biblical truth on giants, fallen angels, Nephilim, demons, human/animal hybrids, transdimensional creatures/crafts, and the possible coming Great Deception of "alien" invaders! — Which, if Bible prophecy is fulfilled in this way, we should be aware of and not deceived! Whatever happens, God's promises of power, protection and provision for His children are steadfast and sure!

002 - FOLLOW ME - What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus – with David Kiran 

Is following Jesus a trend, a meme, a news story? Or is it a confident choice that eradicates all other distracting voices! Bible analyst David Kiran espouses the powerful truth that genuine lasting happiness and meaning in life is found through alignment with God's true purpose. The Cause of Christ knows no alternative. — Because He already gave His life for you with a forever love that stepped out of Heaven into this world and into your life, calling, "Follow Me!"

003-KING DAVID Our Attitude in the Last Days – with Simon Bennett

Many archetypical correlations and parallels can be garnered from the life of King David to help strengthen and better equip us for the flood of evil and persecution the church faces in these Last Days. The Word is alive and active with outstanding insights! — And Bible researcher Simon Bennett brilliantly reveals how the life of David divulges vital secrets to surviving the End times via a fervent, spiritual relationship and discipline of trust and dependency in our guiding Light, Jesus Christ, and allowing Him to lead us along the narrow path to ultimate victory!