Podcasting is hard, its especially hard with kids around. We parent, discuss life, social media, and the world around us, all while trying to keep our 3 kids busy, which never happens.


  • The Xtra Nitty Gritty and our 101st Episode

    The Xtra Nitty Gritty and our 101st Episode


    So, math isn't our strong point. I think this is our 101st episode, but I don't want to check the math. We'll just say it IS our 101st episode. In this installment, we get deep into each other's thoughts, and what makes us tic.

  • Portland and OVH Husbands

    Portland and OVH Husbands


    We recently took a jet plane to Salt Lake City, then we got on a different plane that took us to Portland. In Portland, we met with friends and the Ocean. It was fun. This is about that experience.There is such a thing as an OVH. OVH is an acronym that means openly vulnerable husband. We talk about feelings and how men have them. And we talk about how we think we're going to deal with that...Here's the link.

  • Fleet Foxes Heaven and the Nitty Gritty

    Fleet Foxes Heaven and the Nitty Gritty


    Random shit for the first half. More random shit the second half, but a bit more honest. Usual interruptions from kids. Join us in our joy and frustration. :)

  • City Change and Vernal Holidays

    City Change and Vernal Holidays


    Our city needs change, and we get discouraged all the time... We want to balance anger with things that are going wrong with willingness to do something to change it. We don't want to give up, and we don't want to become complacent. We love our town... It is frustrating when you're the butt of a crime joke. Good things are happening, though. People aren't okay with the way things are going.

  • Playing Catch-Up in Podcast Land

    Playing Catch-Up in Podcast Land


    It's been a while since we've recorded anything. There was a lot to catch up on, so here it is. Life is just is. Seems like when you see someone, and you ask how they're doing, they almost always say "busy". We're all busy I guess.So, there's that. Busy. There's also real life. Marriage is hard. Parenting is hard. Life is hard. We talk about it all the time, but it's nice to know we're not alone. Enjoy!

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