Jesus Has Revealed the Secrets of the Spiritual World Or, God's Principles

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By the grace of God, you have the power to change your life
Do you feel like your life is going nowhere? Does it seem that health,
wealth, and stability are always out of reach? Are you looking for the
answers to your questions without success? Author Dallied Kien
wants to tell you how to find your answers—and to live the life you
deserve. In Jesus Has Revealed the Secrets of the Spiritual World:
How to Successfully Manage Your Life and Career Change, author
Kien shares his own story of success in defeating a terminal disease
using only the power of the Word of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
And, more importantly, he shares his techniques with you to teach
you what you need to do to free yourself from the troubles of this
world—and to share in the joys of the world to come.