Healing from Toxic Relationships A Feature Teaching From Breaking Soul Ties

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True and Lasting Change is Possible!
What is the key to lasting life-change? Transformation is not avoiding problem behaviors. The answer lies in your soul and the things to which your soul is spiritually bound.
Drs. Dennis and Jen Clark have decades of experience in helping people unearth the root causes of emotional and behavioral issues. They apply psychological knowledge within a biblical framework with powerful results. You can be free from destructive soul ties as your learn to:
• Make the connection between habit-patterns and soul ties
• Identify specific soul ties operating in your life
• Get free from relational attachments created through sexual/emotional intimacy
• Receive deliverance from soul bondages
• Re-map your brain once bondages are broken
Plus in their 4-CD Set & Guide, Healing from Toxic Relationships, the Clarks help you understand the difference between godly and ungodly ties and how the enemy operates through habits, ties and addictions. They help you identify “brain traps” and the roots of unhealthy behaviors—so you can be free!