Facial Fare

Photographs Of A Variety Of Animals' Faces Teach How Certain Features Help With survival. The Text Is Clear For The Early Reader.

Beaks and Bills Life Science - Let's Look at Animals

Describes the use of beaks and bills for cleaning, hunting, mating, and shelter building.

How Do Animals Use Their Mouths?

Describes to young readers how animals use their mouths to catch food, eat, drink water, fight, feed their young, and carry things.


The Planets Are Highlighted In This Book And Answers Questions Such As Distance Between The Planets, How Many Planets Are Really In Our Solar System, Current And Future Travel...


Stars And Their Mysteries Are Revealed In This Incredible Book About Stars.

Pouches, Pads, and Plumes

Pouches, Pads, Or Plumes Adorn Animals For Many Reasons. Explanations For These Incredible Body Parts Are Provided For The Young Reader.


The Sun And Its Characteristics Are DiscUSSed In This Book. The Impact That The Sun Has On Our Planet Is Also Addressed.


Describes how various kinds of fish use colors and shapes to camouflage themselves and fool predators.


The Moon Is The Focus Of This Book And Provides The Most Current Information About Its Composition, Distance From Earth, Who Has Visited, And If There Are Future Plans To Return.


Introduces The Weimaraner, Where It Comes From, How Big It Can Get, What Its Strengths Are, And The Care It Requires.

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