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Art Gijon

The Major Key to a Better Future is You. So lets start today on making us a better Man.

Susana M. Gijón Escritora

Entrevistas sobre las novelas publicadas, lecturas, presentaciones, tertulias literarias. Más que cuerpos (2013)Desde la eternidad (2014)Náufragos (2015)Vino y pólvora...


Songs to make learning German fun and easy! Sing along and learn letter sounds, common greetings, family roles, days of the week, numbers 1-10, colors, foods, animals, and weather...

German Cadena

German Cadena provides strategic business support to small businesses and entrepreneurs who are committed to take their operations to the Internet. He helps them define, build...

Podcast De German Amaro

este podcast promoverá en la escuela la importancia de la interculturalidad en las relaciones educativas y sociales.

German Podcast

Learn real German with us! In our course we emphasize all aspects of language learning from listening comprehension, rapid vocabulary expansion, exposure to grammar and common...

German Shepherds

German shepherds are loyal and brave. Readers will learn all about this dog breed and what it's like to have one for a pet in this high-interest title.

Fast German

Welcome to the Speaksli Fast German podcasts. You can also watch fun and fast-paced Speaksli animated videos on our YouTube channel ( To keep up to...

German Poems

Deutsche Gedichte: als reiner Hörgenuss oder als willkommene Hilfe beim Auswendiglernen für den Deutschunterricht.

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