Mobile Library: A Novel

From the award-winning novelist David Whitehouse, hailed by The New York Times as “a writer to watch,” a tragicomic adventure about a troubled adolescent boy who...


From checking out books to playing games on computers, there is so much to do at the library! This engaging title uses easy-to-read text and colorful photos to introduce these...

A Library

In this lyrical book, world-renowned poet, New York Times bestselling author, and Coretta Scott King Honor winner Nikki Giovanni and fine artist Erin Robinson craft an ode to...

Mobile Café

Mobile Café, es una representación de dos buenos amigos, que en trabajo, cada mañana, charlan de lo que más le gusta, la tecnología y los móviles. Las charlas de dos...

Perpetuum Mobile

Perpetuum Mobile es un programa en el que encontraremos una cuidada selección musical donde tienen cabida esos estilos musicales difíciles de etiquetar, composiciones que van...

Social Mobile Podcast

SOCIAL MOBILE PODCASTEl Podcast de Referencia Social Mobile.Entrevistas, actualidad Social Mobile. Las últimas tendencias, consejos para mejorar tu campaña Social Mobile,...

Bi Library

Blev Lavoux and Zach Grosser read and review books by Bisexual authors, about Bi characters, and stories that center Queerness.

Jazz Library

Programme offering advice and guidance to those interested in building a library of jazz recordings or adding to an existing one

Forgotten Library

A collection of short stories from classical literature.

Library Figures

Library Figures is a show about the people, data, and tactics behind the marketing campaigns that are changing how libraries engage their communities and patrons.

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