Gross Facts About the U.S. Civil War

From crawling lice and deadly diseases to bloody battles and crammed prison camps, life was truly terrible for Union and Confederate soldiers. Get ready to explore the nasty side...

Unsolved Archaeological Mysteries

Why did ancient people in Peru create the Nazca Lines? Who built England's Avebury Circle and why? What is the purpose of Easter Island's huge stone statues? The world is full of...

How Robots Work

Our world is teeming with robots. Robotic arms build cars in factories. Military robots disarm bombs in war zones. And robot vacuum cleaners suck the dirt off our floors. But how...

A Primary Source History of the US Civil War

What was it like to be part of the U.S. Civil War? Personal accounts, newspaper stories, and other primary sources give students an opportunity to see what it was like to live...

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle riders speed across twisty paved tracks and bumpy off road trails. They race at top speeds sometimes on bikes without brakes! Here's your chance to see why more than 2...

Death Camp Uprising The Escape from Sobibor Concentration Camp

Experience the events that followed the Sobibor death camp prisoner's decision to escape. Readers will discover a powerful story of human courage and mankind's fierce will to live.

Top Secret Science Projects You Aren't Supposed to Know About

Deadly bombs. Human experiments. Spies and black ops. Top secret projects aren’t just the stuff of  fantasy in books and movies. They are real, and some are even happening...

Garter Snakes

Found throughout the United States, a garter snake may be lurking nearby! Read about these common creepers.


Travel to Egypt. Find out the facts about this country in Africa.

Dentists Help

Dentists keep our teeth healthy. Learn about a dentist's tools, workplace, and role in the community.

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