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26: Felicia and Max Trujillo on Changing Careers, Entrepreneurship, and the NC Food Scene



Max Trujillo and Felicia Perry Trujillo are a power couple in the North Carolina Food Scene, even though they've only been in Raleigh for less than five years. When they moved from Los Angeles, Max became the general manager of Midtown Grille in North Hills, and Felicia had a 10-year wedding photography business. But Max was working 70-hour weeks that weren't great for family life, and Felicia was starting to get burnout from weddings, so they both decided to make a change. Felicia started Food Seen, a niche photography, videography, social media, and web design company for the Food and Linen industries. Go check them out, they do incredible work! And later, Max (with his co-host Matthew Weiss) started the NC F&B Podcast (North Carolina Food & Beverage), where he gets to talk to local chefs, sommeliers, and other experts in the food and beverage industry. That show now has 111 episodes, which is an amazing accomplishment! On the show, we talk about how they changed careers, crazy stories from their we