Weddings For Real

18: Craziest Wedding Stories - Best of the Podcast So Far



Happy 4th of July! In today's episode, we replay some of the best and craziest stories from the first three months of the podcast so far!   You'll hear stories from: Photographer Ginny Corbett (Episode 7, Instagram Stories and Wedding Photography Style) Videographer Phil McInnis (Episode 5, Why You Need a Wedding Video) Photographer Katherine Miles Jones (Episode 9, Moving Her Business from NYC and Putting Clients at Ease) Author and photographer James Walters (Episode 12, Writing the Book of Wedding Stories) DJ/Speaker/Podcaster Joe Bunn (Episode 2, How to Hustle and Grow Your Wedding Business) Planner Nicole Smith (Episode 16, Wedding Planners and Venues Working Together in Harmony) Ice Cream Entrepreneur Jared Plummer (Episode 8, Ice Cream at Weddings and the Explosion of Two Roosters) Venue Owners, Planners, and Sisters Courtney Hopper and Dana Kadwell (Episode 13, Sister Entrepreneurs Courtney and Dana on Building a Wedding Venue) We hope you enjoy! At the top of the show, Megan mentioned donating to the