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9: Wedding Photographer Katherine Miles Jones on Moving her Business from NYC and Putting Clients at Ease



Katherine Miles Jones joins Megan to talk about her career start in New York City, how she started in the wedding photography business, an amazing and breathtaking engagement shoot at the Rockefeller Center (see image below), the biggest regret of her wedding, the community of vendors and developing friendships with her competition, how she makes clients feel comfortable, her love of photography, how she recharges her batteries, and some crazy wedding stories, including photo shoots with Abraham Lincoln the alpaca (see image below) and Nacho the Donkey.    Plus Katherine tells Megan what her favorite food is and the one movie that she has seen in theaters over the past three years.   Portrait of Katherine by Sarah Der Photography.  Alpaca and Rockefeller engagement images by Katherine Miles Jones. For more of Katherine's amazing images, check out her portfolio on her website.  This episode was not sponsored by Wandering Bear Coffee. No alpacas were in Katherine's car during the recording. For another weddi