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8: Two Roosters Ice Cream Owner Jared Plummer on Weddings and his Explosion onto the Triangle Food Scene



“It was a hobby that turned into an obsession that turned into a business.”  That’s how Jared Plummer, the owner of Two Roosters Ice Cream, describes his start in the ice cream business.  He was experimenting and developing crazy concoctions of ice cream flavors in his apartment and bringing them to dinner parties, and then one day he decided to follow his passion. Over the past four years, Jared has exploded onto the Triangle food scene, initially with a food truck, then a stand at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, and now a store for almost a year. At the store, Jared has 10 Regular Flavors: Coffee Bourbon Double Fold Vanilla Classic Chocolate Girl Scout Mint Roasted Strawberry and Honey Sola Cinnamon Donut Non-Dairy Chocolate Blackberry Hibiscus Cookies and Cream Butterscotch Haystack  And each month, Jared comes up with new Guest Flavors, like this month Two Roosters has Tea-Inspired Ice Creams, and in the past he’s done Beer Inspired, Cereal Inspired, Coffee Inspired…he even did a Pizza Flavor! On this e