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6: Top 10 Wedding Planning Mistakes with Amanda Scott of A Swanky Affair



Amanda Scott with A Swanky Affair sat down with Megan to go over the Top Ten wedding planning mistakes couples make.  Both Megan and Amanda are wedding planners in the Triangle area and have seen just about every mistake possible.  In going over them, they get to share some of their stories usually reserved for parties, from both the planning process and the wedding day. The top ten wedding planning mistakes are: Planning outside your budget Booking the venue before hiring a planner Assuming a home wedding will be less expensive than a wedding in a venue Not having a rain plan Sending out save-the-dates too soon Using friends and family as vendors Planning for others Not hiring a videographer Not hiring a wedding planner Hiring vendors without due diligence Then Megan grills Amanda with some personal questions in the lightning round, the hard hitting questions like what her guilty TV and fast food pleasures are and what celebrity quote book she reads from every day.  Episode 6 is brought to you by JustMens