Weddings For Real

4: Stories from a 3rd Generation Florist: Cydney English with The English Garden



Cydney English, owner of The English Garden, has been in the flower business for literally her entire life and runs a florist shop in Raleigh where about 60% of her business is weddings.  She does over 120 weddings per year, and she employs 10-20 people at a time depending on the season. Actually, Cydney and her husband Warren are both third-generation florists. On this episode, Cydney talks about her life growing up with her dad and grandma as florists, what it was like in the early days of starting her business, trends in the wedding industry, making your wedding personal to you, and what she thinks about competition. Episodes 1-5 are brought to you by, the leader in affordable fashion and wedding rings.  The rings on the website look amazing and are ridiculously inexpensive already - typically less than $50 for a ring you'd pay $500-$1000 for in a store.  And if you use the promo code “real” at checkout, you’ll get an additional 15% off your purchase. So there’s no need to spend $1000 on