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31B: Angus Barn Events Coordinator Kelly Joslin on Weddings at Both Bay 7 and the Pavilion



Angus Barn events coordinator Kelly Joslin came on the show to talk about what happened when the Angus Barn took over ownership of Bay 7 in Durham in 2013, some fun hilarious stories of both tours and weddings, and what makes the Angus Barn so special.  Kelly started at the Barn 18 years ago as a waitress and has grown into an amazing lead wedding coordinator at the Pavilion, which the Angus Barn built in 2008.    If you haven't already, be sure to check out part 1 of the Angus Barn podcast this week where owner Van Eure came on to tell the history of the restaurant and their commitment to servicing the customer.   It's been an amazing week here!         Events Coordinator at the Angus Barn, Kelly Joslin   Angus Barn on Social Media: Instagram: @angusbarn Facebook: @angusbarn twitter: @angusbarn   Weddings for Real on Social Media: Instagram: @weddingsforreal Facebook: @weddingsforreal twitter: @weddingsforreal   And here's the information you need on our seminars! The first one is an online marketing semi