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36: The wedding where everything went wrong, but it was still the best day: The Shakedown's Nash Roberts and Beth Quinton



Nash Roberts is the lead singer and guitarist of The Shakedown Band in North Carolina, which plays a lot of weddings. So Nash has seen some craziness. But nothing could have prepared him or his bride Beth Quinton for what was going to happen on their wedding day, which happened to be the weekend of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016.  Nash and Beth talk all about the wedding, then Nash shares some tips for wedding planners in working with a band, what songs he loves to play, and what happens when a guest wants to get up on stage.   Beth and Nash First Look (wedding images by Graham Terhune)     Nash and Beth had 11 bridesmaids and 11 groomsmen!         The Shakedown Band - Don't give them a "Bandwich"   The Shakedown Band   Oh and here's that video of the NC State - Notre Dame game during the hurricane:     The Shakedown Band on Social Media: Facebook: @theband.shakedown twitter: @shakedownbandnc YouTube: The Shakedown   Weddings for Real on Social Media: Instagram: @weddingsforreal Facebook: @weddings