Giselle Koy Podcast

Activate Your Codes of Immortality with Giselle Koy



In part I, Giselle discusses galactic codes and the strong currents of light in the current ascension process.  In part II, Giselle announces her new book, "The Codes of Immortality" and reads the entire book! With profound messages from Lord Maitreya, Master Kuthumi and St. Germain thie book contains the Secret Codes of Immortality as delivered through powerful divine decrees. These codes and decrees can be listened to many times, especially whenever one wants to taste the elixir of rejuvenation and the activation of the 13th strand of DNA. Awaken your Immortality genes and remember your true unlimited nature. This is a call to live among the Immortals! To purchase a copy of the book, visit: