Giselle Koy Podcast

Giselle Koy and DJedis of the New Golden Age - David Beaudry and Kellen Craven



Please join Giselle Koy as she interviews two potent Jedi Activators on their current mission. David Beaudry will be discussing The Keys Of Enoch and the five languages of enlightenment. Kellen Craven will be delivering one of his super charged and joyous blessings to put us all in the attitude of gratitude for Thanksgiving and beyond!   About David Beaudry: A former college football player, David has a B.A. in Psychology, a Masters in Medical Qigong and a career as a Personal Trainer. He has taught Qigong with James Cameron, leads some of the largest Qigong workshops in the country and is currently running DJedi Activation Trainings in the US. He lives and trains out of Oakland, CA working with a wide range of clients from high school athletes and the elderly to businesses and your everyday workout warrior. About Kellen Craven: Kellen is a national qi gong teacher who specializes in the Nine Breath Method and many current