Giselle Koy Podcast

What Does It Mean To Be a Galactic Ambassador



Please join Ambassadors Giselle Koy and Amateo Ra as they talk about the reality of Galactic Ambassadorship. They will discuss such topics as: What is a Galactic Ambassador? How do you become an Ambassador? How do you know you are one? What is required? What can I expect? Is it a real job? How does recruitment work? Is there training involved? This is a new concept to many and relatively new on the planet. Many are feeling called into this type of galactic service. If you have been feeling called by this and are not even sure why, please come explore with Giselle and Amateo. This is the new territory of planetary service!  Attention on Ascension! To find out more about the presenters, please visit:                  Ashtar Galactic Command Diamond Starfield CD