Giselle Koy Podcast

Creating Your Personal Ascension Program



Please join Giselle Koy and Amateo Ra of the Ascension Academy as they discuss practical steps in creating your optimal personal ascension program. "12/21/2012. The age of Dawn has come.  Let the work be finished."  Popol Vuh - Mayan Creation Story Topics include: Why do you need an Ascension Program? What is the Ascension Academy? What is an example program and curriculum? About Amateo Ra: Amateo Ra is an Ascension Ambassador, Galactic Channel and Embodied Visionary.  He is a Core-Creator and Facilitator for the Ascension Academy, along with Kyle Buckley.  Awakened at an early age, Amateo is a Reiki Master, Studied in Sacred Geometery, Modern Physics, Science & Metaphysics and trained in the Order of Melchizedek.  Amateo has now dedicated himself fully to Embodying the Planetary & Personal Ascension Process.    "We are now Embodying the Realms of Paradise Bliss.  Tis the beginning of a journey into the Miraculous Mystery of the Moment." ~ Amateo