Giselle Koy Podcast

Sparkling Intersections: Interview with Carlos Cedillo



Carlos Cedillo is an expert on the Mayan prophecies of 2012. We'll be discussing exactly what the end of time is, according to the Mayan calendar. We'll also get his insights into what this new world will bring. Carlos went on several journeys with the highest Mayan Elder and 13th Generation Shaman, Don Alejandro Oxlaj  Carlos and became fascinated with the culture so much that he wrote a book called Cosmicjaguar’s Soul Kin Journal. In this journal Carlos provided a space for people to journal their thoughts and activities as it pertains to the Mayan Calendar day. His brilliant observation that the particular energy of each day will come around again in the next 260-day tzolkin round was found to be impressive in the Mayan Community. Carlos received an endorsement for his Soul Kin journal from Dr. Carl J. Calleman, a noted researcher and Author in the Mayan Community. Carlos always spiritual became a Mayan Shaman in his transformation and has helped heal many. Carlos is also an artist and his large canvas’ r