Music From People I Know

Music From People I Know featuring Aaron Michael Heimann



I recently quit my job and took on a new venture in life, welcome to, "Music From People I Know." Where I catch up with friends, past and present and talk about our music, inspirations, and passions. With a 15 year professional career in the music industry, I have met a lot of cool and interesting people. I'm here to share our stories. Blasphemous Gods is an outlaw folk outfit of an indeterminate number, that changes with the frequency of the moon or the gig, with the constant of Aaron Heimann (Flip Cassidy and the Junkyard Gospel). Based out of Los Angeles or the Slab City area, Blasphemous Gods tries to weave stories in a way that can only happen with such a love of anachronism. Aaron began playing guitar while in high school. With a background in heavy metal and bass lues but a variety of musical tastes, his songwriting pulls influences from whichever artist, song, or style piques his interest at that moment. With an ever-inc