Off My Chest Podcast

18: EP018 - Off My Chest Podcast



This week the guys talk about the Kansas City Chiefs suffering their first loss of the season and a NE Patriot fan throwing a beer at Tyreke Hill. Here’s some of the BULLSHI*T we cover this episode… - UFC chaos with McGregor and Khabib - Insane Clown Posse fight with Limp Bizkit  - A man identifies as a dog (seriously!?) - Elon musk getting into the tequila game. YouTube also goes down during the show and we have no idea what to do!! It’s our lifeline to information! We also have a very special first time guest on, Melissa A. Klein. We talk about the WWE situation regarding their upcoming show in Saudi Arabia and the upcoming WWE PPV Evolution, the first all female PPV.  You guys can check out Melissa here: Twitter: **@melsmatchat7** Facebook Page: **@melsmatchat7** Periscope Show: **@melsmatchat7** Please give her a follow and let her know where you heard about her! Thank you in advance. So sit back. Grab a beer and join the guys in some "Beers, Sports, and Other Bullshi*t" Thanks again for list