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15: EP015 - Off My Chest Podcast



The DADs Episode: PART 1 of 2 (episode 2, tbd) This week we have two very special guests, our fathers. The men who have help mold us into the crazy, bad-mouthed mofos we are today! I mean, they like us anyways… Sports, we get into our beloved Chiefs and which players have captured our attention thus far in the season. The Cleveland Browns actually winning a football game! We finally got to go see the Bert “The Machine” Kreischer at the Kansas City Improv. This episode covers anything and everything. What are we suppose to say!? Our dads’ are talkers too! Be prepared to laugh (and maybe even cry) a lot and wonder if we will ever stop talking because we do a lot of that this episode. Don’t forget to subscribe as this is only part 1 and if you liked today’s episode you’re gonna love part 2\. I mean, we’re assuming because we haven’t recorded it yet! So sit back. Grab a beer and join the guys in some "Beers, Sports, and Other Bullshi*t" Thanks again for listening. Don't forget you can write us at **omcpod@g