Off My Chest Podcast

7: EP007 - Off My Chest Podcast



The Off My Chest Podcast is BACK. It's been two weeks too long! We finally hear why the Hebert Family is in love with Coors Light. Golden State did it again. Where is LeBron to go…? We touch on the celebrities that have sadly taken their lives. Side/Serious Note: If you need help with depression or suicide please reach out to someone. WE CARE! **Call 1-800-273-8255** The widely talked about “Roseanne” debacle. What are we gonna do with her!? Which leads us into a conversation on the NFL and what we should do about the kneeling. Wouldn’t be an Off My Chest Podcast without touching of our favorite comedians. The late, great Sam Kinison and others. Then we leave you with a good movie to go watch if you haven’t seen it. Which would be crazy if that’s true but “Con-Air” is where it’s at! So sit back. Grab a beer and join the guys in some "Beers, Sports, and Other Bullshi*t" Thanks again for listening. Don't forget you can write us at **** or tweet us **@OMCPOD** on twitter!