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6: EP006 - Off My Chest Podcast



The Off My Chest crew brings the unfiltered Chris Schweizer back to the show. We finally solve the Yanny/Laurel ordeal. Just kidding. We have no idea. Alex of course has yet another casino/gambling story of fun. On the same gambling story line. We talk about the new laws that allow you to gamble on sports in almost every state for the first time in history outside of Las Vegas. Find out about Fan Duel’s record on the highest bets allowed in Fantasy Sports to date. Alex digs himself in yet another hole for Coors not sponsoring us with his sponsorship pitch. Then a great roundtable on all of our “hall-passes” for men and women! There’s talks that Kansas City might be getting an NBA team (we hope for hockey). So sit back. Grab a beer and join the guys in some "Beers, Sports, and Other Bullshi*t" Thanks again for listening. Don't forget you can write us at **** or tweet us **@OMCPOD** on twitter! We'll talk about it on the next episode. Hosts - **Bryce Meehan:** @bryceme