Weddings For Real

1: Wedding Planning Behind the Scenes with Grace Beason from Grace Leisure Events



In the first episode (!) of Weddings for Real, Megan sits down with fellow planner Grace Beason to talk about her career start at The Knot, planning her first weddings with her mentor Marcy Blum, how weddings have evolved over the years, how anyone can say they're a planner with an Instagram account, being a mom while running a business, same sex weddings, advice for breaking into the wedding industry, personalities she wants to work with (assistants, couples, and vendors), and how weddings might not be quite as glamorous as everyone thinks. Grace has some incredible stories throughout, and you'll see why she was voted "Most Likely to Host a Talk Show" in high school. OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM MEGAN.  We have launched The Planner’s Vault, a membership site for wedding planners who are hungry to grow, ready to hustle, and actively seeking community and education. In the vault, there will be guest experts on many topics relevant to growing and cultivating a successful event planning business with new content