The Allusionist

129. Sorry



Apologies are such important verbal transactions. So why are so many of them soooo bad? Susan McCarthy and Marjorie Ingall from SorryWatch and Laura Beaudin of pinpoint what to look out for, to sort the apologies from the fauxpologies. There’s more about this episode at The music is by Martin Austwick. Hear Martin’s own songs at or search for Pale Bird on Bandcamp and Spotify, and he’s @martinaustwick on Twitter and Instagram.  The Allusionist's online home is Support the show by becoming a patron at Stay in touch at, how and If you'd like to sponsor the Allusionist this year, contact Amanda McLoughlin via This episode is sponsored by: • Skillshare, the online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people. Get a free trial of Premium Membership at Ski