The Allusionist

133. Cake is Mighter than the Sword



What to do to stick it to the powers that be? Send your message through something they really care about: cake. In Buenos Aires, local tour guides Madi Lang and Juan Palacios introduce me to priest's balls and little cannons, the pastries laced with the sweet taste of 1880s trade union protests. There are a few swears and saucy references in this episode. Find more information about the topics in this episode at  The music is by Martin Austwick. Hear Martin’s own songs at or search for Pale Bird on Bandcamp and Spotify, and he’s @martinaustwick on Twitter and Instagram.  The Allusionist's online home is Support the show by becoming a patron at Stay in touch at, how and This episode is sponsored by: • Soft Voice, a terrific new fiction podcast about the mental health of 25-year-old London estate agent Lydia. Subscribe now on yo